Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rj Zahid Jamal (Xee-Jay)

NAME: Zahid Jamal (Xee-Jay)

AGE: 25

POSITION: Radio Jockey - BindasRadio.com

HOBBIES: Traveling, Cricket, Parties, Movies, Music etc

FAVORITE SINGER: Hadiqa Kiyani, Ali Zafar, Call, Strings, Madonna, Enrique, Coldplay, Enigma, Greenday, Elissa Khoury, Alisha Chinoy, KK and the list is never ending……..

FAVORITE GENRE:Soft Rock, Pop, Hip hop, Trance, Melodious and any quality stuff that soothes the soul.

SHOW TIMINGS: 11pm - 01am


ABOUT ME: It is impossible to explain one’s self in words. In short, I have a rebellion soul who always challenges the present systems in place and says what is right and what is not. Very selective in every aspect of life. Very decent in personal life but also very naughty at times. Past can never be changed and Future is something invisible, so live your Present to its fullest as life is given only once.

EMAIL: xeejay@bindasradio.com

ABOUT BINDAS:BEWARE! Very soon Bindas is going to rule every nation across the globe. Now it’s your choice either to face the music or be prepared to be thrown to the Stone Age. So here it comes, rocking the Nations, 24X7 365, Bindas Radio is Alive!!!


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