Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rj Shahar

NAME: Shahar

AGE: Never Ask a girl her Age :P

POSITION: Radio Jockey / Management - BindasRadio

HOBBIES: I Enjoy Reading, Music

FAVORITE SINGER: Enrique, Shaan, Shreya Goshal

FAVORITE GENRE: Anything that goes with the mood

SHOW TIMINGS: 12 am - 02 am - 01 am - 03 am

SHOW DAYS: Mon/Wed/Fri

ABOUT ME: Aae The toughest question to answer! Well, a simple girl who is stylish in her own way. I bring to you the Bindas^Xpress which is a non-stop music train journey that only pauses to read your messages and take your LIVE CALLS! So dair karna is not allowed and join kijiye foran mujhe! =)

EMAIL: rjshahar@bindasradio.com

ABOUT BINDAS: Bindas is a non-stop music junction which has music 24/7 that never stops and has Djs & Rjs who are with you most of the time to keep you entertained. All you need to do is turn your speakers on, sit back, relax and we take you on different musical rides. Rest, the name says it all … it’s Bindas!


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