Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rj Buddy

NAME: Ali Umair Jaffery

AGE: 23

POSITION: Radio Jockey - BindasRadio.com

HOBBIES: Street racing, sleeping, listening music, cooking, helping poor, hangin out wit friends, day dreaming, eating, singing loudly, make sham kee tea for Ammi Abbu... & offcourse awara gardi…lol.

FAVORITE SINGER: Kurt Cobain from Nirvana, Ville Valo from Him & so on…

FAVORITE GENRE: Rock, Heavy Metal, hip hop, Rap, Classics, Jazz... Car Engine & Exhaust Sound & whatever sounds nice to ears…

SHOW TIMINGS: 12pm - 2am

SHOW DAYS: Saturday

ABOUT ME: well im a very simple person…stylish in my own way…else this im Energetic, Enthusiastic, Courageous, Independent, Generous,Optimistic, Funny, Caring, Fervent to the extreme, Upbeat, Adventurous, Naughty, Talkative, have a Cheeky Attitude, Live life at extreme as its given once, Outgoing, Social animal, Lazy at times, Aggressive, Fearless, Helpful, Daring, Impulsive, Random, Full of life…in short im Aries…bas ab aur tareef nahi hoti mujhe sey apni..:P

EMAIL: rjbuddy@bindasradio.com

ABOUT BINDAS:a nice online platform where one can enjoy music 24/7 with their friends & family by listening their favorite RJ’s & music playback…plus express & share ther thoughts & feelings by msgin & dedicating songs to their loved ones…:) Entertainment.


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